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The Surrey Centre

The Surrey Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy is a small, private practice based in Headley, Epsom and also in Belsize Village, London.  Our team of Jungian Analysts and psychotherapist are dedicated to explore and help you move beyond issues that might be holding you back from a life lived with greater meaning and freedom.

We also offer a unique non-residential clinic dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. We work with both men and women who have a difficult relationship with food.

We believe that by giving clients the skills to change their eating behaviours and offering a safe environment in which to address underlying emotional issues, they can begin to live a life free from the fear, secrecy and shame associated with their own particular circumstances.

We Offer:

The Surrey Centre understands the need to treat the whole person. Individualised treatment plans, that can also include trauma and family work. These can be a fundamental part of the shared journey towards recovery.

The Surrey Centre